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Notre équipe.

Thema Group allowed me to share my knowledge and develop my skills in the recruitment market, working alongside an enthusiastic team all striving for maximum results. Being part of the dynamic international Pharma, Medtech, and Healthcare IT markets energizes me, and I enjoy the challenge of matching potential candidates and companies within those markets.

Peter Kremer
Peter Kremer.
Recruitment Consultant / Partner
+31 (0) 6 51 84 61 62

Ever since I started at Thema Group in 2005, I have found that interacting with people and the strategic and commercial aspects of assisting life science companies give me energy. The fulfilment of helping candidates and clients reach their goals through successful placements brings me great joy. On top, expanding Thema Group to become an internationally recognised Recruitment Service Provider is a great challenge and my ever on-going personal goal.

Marco Pachen
Marco Pachen.
Recruitment Consultant / Partner
+32 (0) 473 98 21 47

As a professional with 5 years of industry experience and deep understanding of human psychology, I wanted to join Thema Group to support others to reach their full potential. I derive satisfaction from empowering individuals in collaboration with my colleagues, executing tasks with precision and leaving a significant impact on others’ lives.

Simon Thierie
Simon Thierie.
Recruitment Associate
+32 468 37 24 08

Right from the start it was clear that the company’s values of being driven and committed as well as providing care and sincerity with a personal approach aligns very well with my own. Showing that I care with small but meaningful actions and communicating clearly can have a significant impact on someone’s career, making it highly rewarding.

Benize Bester
Benize Bester.
Recruitment Associate
+31 6 15 68 69 49

The combination of detective work in finding the right talent for open positions and constantly meeting new people motivated me to join Thema Group. Building and maintaining trust-based partnerships with clients and successfully matching candidates with these clients are what make this job truly fulfilling, alongside good and collegial cooperation with the team.

Katrin Weiler
Katrin Weiler.
Recruitment Consultant
+49 (0) 170 896 1986

Starting at Thema Group has allowed me to continue working with the scientific community while also taking on the new challenge of advising and helping candidates with their career. The excitement of Thema Group starting its activities in France, along with the positive atmosphere and supportive colleagues, motivates me to perform at my best.

Marie Couvelaere
Marie Couvelaere.
Recruitment Specialist
+33 (0) 7 87 65 93 61

With my work experience in pharma, I would like to work together with clients to find their ideal candidate, especially when it means searching for a needle in a haystack. Searching and finding the perfect match resulting in satisfied clients and candidates make me happy.

Marije Hoogendoorn
Marije Hoogendoorn.
Recruitment Specialist
+31 (0) 6 23 13 51 18

Working at Thema Group for 21 years still motivates me because we care as much for our clients as for our candidates. A successful long-term match between them gives me a great sense of fulfillment and positive energy.

Marjo Lucker
Marjo Lucker.
Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0) 6 13 56 19 88
Jeffrey Hensen
Jeffrey Hensen.
Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0) 6 53 17 89 48

The relaxed, open culture and dynamic nature of my role at Thema Group have made every day a pleasure to come to work. I feel happy and I am proud of being part of such a diverse, nice and stimulating team.

Anita Verheijen
Anita Verheijen.
Office Manager
+31 (0) 6 46 61 65 14

Once I realized my preference for people-focused work, I started at Thema Group where I can apply my analytical skills and simultaneously enjoy a flexible, diverse role that never feels like routine. It feels rewarding to help my colleagues succeed in their job and connecting our clients with talented professionals supporting life science companies in achieving their objectives.

Nicki Boumans
Nicki Boumans.
Recruitment Specialist
+31 (0) 6 57 93 00 39

Transitioning from the lab to recruitment allowed me to combine my passion for science with my love for connecting with people. Helping life science individuals find a good position where they can enjoy a successful future gives me great satisfaction.

Bianca Stals
Bianca Stals.
Recruitment Specialist
+32 (0) 468 25 00 58

Since my first commercial position I develop a good relationship with Thema Group so starting here has been the perfect opportunity for me to combine my technical expertise and commercial knowledge in a sociable and customer-focused role. I am thrilled to be part of the best team with very nice colleagues and to help our life science clients achieve success every day.”

Jurgen Rillaerts
Jurgen Rillaerts.
Recruitment Consultant
+33 (0) 7 88 92 01 52

Having built a solid relationship with Thema Group during my PhD, I decided to take the plunge and started at Thema Group. With new challenges and assignments every day, I enjoy the flexibility, support and respectful attitude and appreciation from my colleagues, candidates and clients that make it a pleasure to go to work.

Nele Geusens
Nele Geusens.
Recruitment Consultant
+32 (0) 497 57 08 94

After 15 years with Thema Group, I still find the warm and flexible working atmosphere to be a great fit for me. I enjoy the diverse tasks and interactions with colleagues, clients, and candidates.

Els Vanspauwen
Els Vanspauwen.
Office Manager
+32 (0) 472 49 27 27

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