Unique offer: free assessment.

Free assessment, especially for you, to identify the perfect match for your needs.

Because Thema Group knows that what you expect from your (future)
employees can be very different to what others expect. You are looking
for tailor-made solutions.

An assessment can help.
They are a reliable method to identify the qualities, talents and
development points of your (potential) employees.
Assessments reduce the chance of mistakes since they help more
accurately predict the performance of future employees. Thema Group can
provide you with a better and more complete picture of candidates,
thereby allowing you to make a well-considered choice.

A unique offer,

For a limited time, Thema Group is introducing a complimentary condensed assessment for every new assignment starting from December 6 through January 15, 2024.
This assessment includes three interconnected psychological tests, conducted alongside a comprehensive interview conducted by a psychologist, resulting in a detailed report. Completed within half a day, this assessment ensures a well-informed decision-making process for you.

Why Thema Group?

Thema Group is specialized in finding the best talent for your

In more than 90% of our search actions, we manage to find the
right people for your company. After one year, 95% of our placed
candidates will still be working for you. Through our qualitative
match we bring and maintain valuable know-how within your

Assess for success

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