5 tips for the right career choice in BioTech.

Newly graduated as a Master in Biomedical Sciences, biotechnology or biochemistry? Congratulations! As of now you are ready to build a successful career in BioTech. Thema Group gives you an overview of 5 interesting tips to find the right job after your graduation!

1. Think outside the box. In this case outside the lab…

You can do more with your degree in bio-related than you might think! Did you ever consider a job outside the laboratory?
Perhaps you would like to work in sales, marketing, tech support, IT, quality, regulatory affairs or a more technically related job…you name it! It is all possible!
You will be exercising a different function having different tasks, which is still in line with the lab knowledge from your education and the skillset you gained. Your qualities and interests will lead you into the right direction.


2. Network to success in your favorite field

Affinity for a specific field? Surround yourself with experts to increase your chances in that job market.
Set the tone for getting to know that industry in a participatory and purposeful way: join LinkedIn groups, ask questions to employees in private messages, visit interesting trade shows or conferences, and engage with new people in a face-to-face meeting.
Ask them what their job is like and what you can expect from it. This way you will immediately get a good insight into the job you aspire to do.


3. Bundle new encounters with your existing network

Your college years were the perfect time to build your network. You probably did that too: as a member of an association, at your internship or during lectures/study groups with your fellow  students and teachers.
Every interesting person you talk to can be added to your network. So don’t forget to visit career events!
Also your family and friends are important. Tell them you are looking for a job, they can also be useful in your job search. After all, they have a network of their own too!


4. Your first job opens doors for the next one

Hooray, a degree! But now what: get as much work experience as possible or wait a little longer for the job of a lifetime? Our advice: take your first steps on the job market right now.
A well-considered starter job in Life Sciences gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with different areas of expertise. In this way you learn quickly new things, discover other interests and can develop further.
Do you have the ambition to carry out a certain job but you do not have the required experience? Then look for a similar position in another sector or follow an additional study.
The world is at your feet!


5. Together we search, we find, we match: First aid for graduates

Thema Group is constantly looking for talents to strengthen the Life Science Industry.
Our consultants themselves have a background in Life Sciences and are happy to assist you.
Do you have questions about registering with Thema Group or how we can help you in your job hunt? Or would you like to know whether you are fitting the requirements for a certain job?
Or receive an explanation about the job tasks for a certain position?
Our recruiters know what you are talking about and are more than happy to help.