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Account Manager
Außendiensttechniker (GN) XR Baden-Württemberg
Außendiensttechniker (GN) XR NRW
Außendiensttechniker (GN) CT Sachsen-Anhalt
Außendiensttechniker (GN) CT Hamburg
Recruitment Associate Benelux
Quality Assurance Expert
Business Development Manager
Serviceleiter XR deutschlandweit
Assistant(e) Administration des Ventes

Trust Thema Group.

We talk about our broad experience in the market because we really do understand it. We have actually worked there ourselves. Thema Group successfully realises wishes and ambitions for clients as well as candidates. We feel personally responsible to do so.



New technologies, innovative techniques and artificial intelligence provide new opportunities within  the Life Science market. But it is your employees who make the difference for your company each day. Their skills, experience, drive and enthusiasm enable you to take steps towards a successful future.



Do you take your career in Life Sciences seriously? If so, choose a serious partner who will offer you the best professional guidance in your search for the next step in your career. Our authoritative knowledge and experience in the Life Sciences market are demonstration of our success.

Unique offer: free assessment

Unique offer: free assessment

December 6, 2023

Maximize the effectiveness of your hiring process with Thema Group's special offer! Receive a complimentary assessment for your upcoming assignment from December 6 through January 15, 2024. Our thorough assessments offer a holistic perspective on your candidates, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

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AI taking over healthcare is a possibility

AI taking over healthcare is a possibility

April 4, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world. It’s considered an extremely efficient solution for a wide variety of applications. That also applies to integrating AI in Healthcare. Given the increasing complexity and abundance of data in the field, AI can offer many potential benefits. Thema Group provides diverse jobs to contribute to the future of AI in healthcare IT!

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