Assessments Traject.

The tests themselves are completely web-based. Participants can participate in the test at home or at work. If an interview or role play is part of the assessment, it will all take place at one of Thema Group’s locations.

Our test trajectory.

The test track looks like this:

  • As a client, you contact Thema Group. Together with our psychologist it is determined which test is interesting for you.
  • Together with the psychologist, you compose the desired competency level of the candidate. You therefore determine on which competencies the candidate is tested and to what extent he/she must meet these competencies.
  • For a single web-based test, the participant will be invited by us via email to participate in the test. The participant will receive the login codes that are necessary to reach the test center via the internet and to take the test.
  • In the shortened and extended assessment, the participant is invited to one of our offices. The assessment takes place in its entirety there.
  • Within a few days after the assessment, we will prepare a report describing the results. As a client, you will receive an overview of the competencies that we have measured, supplemented with a clear conclusion about the strengths and development needs. If the assessment was used in a recruitment & selection process, we also give you advice about the suitability of the candidate for the position in question. The candidate is always the first to receive a copy of the report and must give explicit permission for the report to be sent to the client. Thema Group destroys the report after one year.

When to use the tests?.

A recruitment & selection procedure.Sometimes to make a better choice from the last two final candidates, but mainly to take into account his or her personal development points in the training plan of the new employee.

A personal development plan for your employee. To determine on which points the employee needs to develop further in order to grow in your organization.

An outplacement trajectory.In which type of organization and type of position does your employee work best?

Career development.Questions that arise in this context include, for example, in which direction your employee can best continue his career. Or what best suits his interests, personality and competences.

Reliability of
our tests.

Thema Group uses the tests of Pearson Benelux BV in its assessment center. As the largest in its industry for the Netherlands and Flanders, Pearson represents more than 60 years of experience in publishing and distributing scientifically substantiated psychological measurement instruments. Currently, the offer includes more than 300 different tests on personality, skills and interests, among other things.

Pearson’s tests score very high on reliability and validity and are performed within Thema Group by a psychologist NIP (Netherlands Institute for Psychologists). As a result, we work according to the guidelines and codes of conduct of the NIP, based on the principles of responsibility, integrity, respect and expertise.

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